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    Leading Concrete Resurfacing Contractor In Goodyear AZ Explains The Resurfacing Process

    Even though concrete has a reasonable lifespan, this does not mean it is immune to damage. For example, holes and cracks may, over time, develop on your patio, walkways, or driveways. Through a resurfacing project, we can get these concerns addressed before they get out of hand. Get in touch with us if you need a competent concrete resurfacing contractor in Goodyear AZ.

    The services we provide will help reduce the risk of having to invest in concrete replacement. During a project, the first thing we do is inspect the surfaces that need to be resurfaced and get them pressure washed. This helps to remove impurities such as oil stains, dirt, and debris. It is crucial to have a sparkling clean slate to resurface.

    Next is to get the cracks and holes fixed. We apply a special fabric to the cracks and then inject them with concrete polymers. For us to effectively repair holes, we need to use epoxy mortar. This helps to get the surfaces properly leveled and ready for priming.

    Priming typically involves using a polymer solution to spray the repaired surface. We use a trowel to spread the solution evenly across the freshly finished areas. After this, we can hop onto the coloration and sealing phase, where we add color and other decorative elements to the site to enhance its overall visual appeal.

    Whether to give your surfaces a unique visual interest or not is a very personal matter. In case you do not want any decorative elements, we will skip the coloration phase and go straight to sealing the surface. Sealing plays a significant role in providing protection from future damages. Our skilled contractors will strive to do an excellent job, and this will, in return, keep your surfaces crack-free for longer.

    At this point, the project is almost complete, and your pavements appear just as good as new. It is now time to allow them to cure. The curing process takes a while, and it is essential to direct all foot and vehicle traffic away from the resurfaced area for two to three days. Once everything is properly dried out, you can now resume using your patios, pathways, and driveways.

    It would help if you turned to us whenever you need quick and reliable resurfacing services. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all our commercial, residential, and industrial clients. Once you get in touch with us, we will give an estimate and tell you all about the kind of assistance we can provide.